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07.11.2022, 16:19
Synchronization error
Hello! Encountered "Sync Error": https://icf.1b.app/app/network-88090/history/ Please tell me what could be the problem? Are there any re...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
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03.10.2022, 09:50
Dorobiti diyu: Import leads from 1b.app, with OneBox affiliate program
It is possible to transfer leads in such a rank, so that in the additional field the value was transferred to the process, as I saw on the screensh...
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23.08.2022, 12:49
Change time zone
Good afternoon. Please change the time zone for the client https://sobr.crm-onebox.com/ (Cloud) to Almaty (GMT+6). Thank you.
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22.08.2022, 16:51
Moving to OneBox OS
You can install OneBox using the link https://crm-onebox.com/ru/?ref=21 Moving to OneBox OS from SheBo Due to the fact that from January 1, 2023, O...
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22.08.2022, 15:03
Crm OneBox for driving school
You can install #OneBox using the link https://crm-onebox.com/ru/?ref=21 System configuration for driving school automation based on #OneBox OS Wit...
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04.08.2022, 19:44
Unable to install Poster
When installed, it automatically opens a connection window for the new OneBox only
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16.05.2022, 16:27
OS: Problem with synchronization of processes
Hello! We sent several processes to a partner in the Network, the application shows that there are new processes, but the list does not display any...
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04.05.2022, 10:32
Synchronization of comments open for viewing
Hello! There is already an option to synchronize only "open comments", thanks for that, very convenient. But if you use the "Transfe...
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OneBox gives "out" transaction data for an unlogged user, an urgent fix is needed
When forwarding the URL to a OneBox CRM deal via messenger, we noticed that even if the user is not logged in, the deal page contains the deal data...
SSL certificate confirmation - you need to confirm the domain via mail postmaster@igrushka.crm-onebox.com
Please tell me how to confirm the domain by mail: postmaster@igrushka.crm-onebox.com. This is necessary to renew the SSL certificate (the last time...