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24.11.2022, thursday, 18:11
BAG with the product interface
Product http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/app/product/1147/edit/?tabid=0 The display of blocks is configured in the interface as follows (1) But the blocks...
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24.11.2022, thursday, 15:22
Prohibition of product editing by ticking
http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/desktop/ At the moment, there is only 1 setting for editing products in access rights. A setting that would allow blocki...
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23.11.2022, wednesday, 10:07
BUG messed up layout of product tables settings
http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/apps/product/datasource/Datasource_Products/settings/ Products - Product table columns. Displays the page in a strange wa...
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Sorting products by name not working
https://lums.crm-onebox.com/app/product/?sortkey=name&sorttype=DESC&cate... The sorting of products alphabetically by the Name column...
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21.11.2022, monday, 22:21
Product categories disappear
Hello. I just noticed that the category "Bathroom accessories" has disappeared, now the product from this category just has the code 2042...
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0 is not recorded by the action Calculate the value according to the formula and write it in the specified field
https://josera.crm-onebox.com/admin/products/action/update/edit/ Configured action Calculate the value according to the formula and write it in the...
Developers cannot remove the filter in products
There is no option to delete the filter, there is a check mark, but it is not applied
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15.11.2022, 09:59
does not update product data (supplier code)
Here is the import https://sara.1box.link/app/automatization/hour/edit/ Here is the product https://sara.1box.link/app/product/13809/edit/?tabid=0...
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14.11.2022, 16:27
Switching pages when displaying products as a list
http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/app/product/ When displaying products as a list, it is possible to switch pages in this way (Fig. 1) But when we use tile...
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10.11.2022, 12:48
How to make it possible to enter 2 values in the product filter
There is a filter, there is a directory in which values are stored, the directory is tied to the product filter Should I make it so that it is poss...