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15.05.2024, 14:04
How to pass a product when an event is executed
When creating a product, updating or updating stock balances, you need to send this information to the url address. How is this possible?
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06.05.2024, 10:33
When deleting products from one category, all are deleted
Hello. In the category https://cabinet.tehnolavka.com.ua/app/product/?categoryid=36173 I select all products and click delete. But for some reason ...
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19.04.2024, 12:11
When saving the product card, the Link to the manufacturer’s website field is cleared
The field is locked. When you save the card, the siteurl field is cleared. I tried disabling all product automations. The same.
How is the product variable {|$basketsArray|} used? I need the product name and quantity to be sent to the client in an e-mail, but this variable d...
Product names have disappeared
It's been more than a week since the names of the products have disappeared, it's hard to work in such conditions, please respond!
Removal of product analogues by importing from an xls file
Is it somehow possible to remove all analogues from products by importing from an xls file? By analogy, we do it for fields and filters.
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How to set the price for the service, if it is a percentage of the total cost of materials?
Tell me how to set the price of the service, which should be deducted from the total cost of materials and equipment in the estimate in each proces...
Product names have disappeared
29.03, the names of some products have disappeared, there is no history about this in the logs, it is very difficult to work in such conditions, si...
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Removal of Analogue Products
Interested in how you can remove analogues of products using import. those. mass clearing of this table/deleting one item in the list by product id
product names have disappeared
Today, for some reason, the names of the products have disappeared (not all, but a lot), please tell me the reason