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LIqpay service commission
Good afternoon! We have configured integration with this service With OneBox, we issue payment links to customers Customers pay and payments immedi...
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Интегратор OneBox
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11.01.2023, 11:34
Receiving payments with Liqpay
Good afternoon! Payments do not enter the likpay when generating a link from the process. The external payment id is specified. The payment flies i...
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10.01.2023, 21:59
The Monobank application is broken
Good evening! The application is broken, writes: "Monobank Statement ERROR 2023-01-10 21:48:05 No token specified in the application settings" Used...
Error when replenishing balance through personal account
Good afternoon! I'm trying to replenish the balance via Liqpay in the "My balances" section this error pops up
1 answer
26.12.2022, 17:22
change of endpoint (payment in installments)
In connection with the rebranding, we will also change the endopoint to the PartnerInstallment service in a productive environment, to which partne...
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13.12.2022, 11:16
All integrations have been removed
Today I noticed that payments are not being charged Later I realized that all the tokens were deleted How could this happen and can they be restored?
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04.12.2022, 11:20
Privat24 payments stopped coming up
Good afternoon. Payments from Privat 24 are no longer added to the list of actual payments. Also, the actual balance on the card does not correspon...
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01.12.2022, 09:58
data is not imported from privat24 for individuals
Settings haven't changed data is not transmitted from the 25th
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26.11.2022, 09:49
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading
Payments from Privat24 (personal card) stopped loading. From the evening of 11/25/22. Cron is running. No one changed the settings, but I checked -...
1 answer
02.11.2022, 16:41
Connecting the payment service to the online form
Perfect solution. The client fills in the form, clicks the submit application button (screenshot 1.png), after which a Wayforpay payment window (po...