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Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
18.01.2023, 18:30
bug - the context menu does not open when you click on the process shape button
boxing https://spgr.1b.app when you click on the shape that should call the context menu, the process opens. You can see for yourself in the video ...
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Please fix the layout. Not all stages are displayed
When you right-click on the top process in the calendar, the context menu opens up and not all stages are visible. With a larger number of stages, ...
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Bulk operations on processes
In the My Processes (calendar) section, by default, the bulk operations panel interface configured for the Customer Order Business Process is set. ...
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07.10.2022, 11:18
Problem with filter in calendar
Signed point in the filters of the GTD calendar * Valid * Now in the selection for the filter it is not possible to select ""all valid&qu...
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Developers, give an answer, obviously a BUG
Please help me with this problem: https://1b.app/ru/forum/management-of-business-processes-orders-and-tasks/15373-...