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26.09.2023, 12:47
Finalization of the block "Structure of the holding company"
Hi all. Rate the improvement. Be able to add blocks and extend connections similar to setting up a power supply. Be able to add a contact/company c...
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Personal license
07.10.2021, 14:19
OS - required organizational structure
translated boxing to OS today - I can not know the addendum Structure. We are comfortable with the rights to build on the basis of roles. May I?
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08.04.2021, 03:14
Igor Ustimenko. Unblock my access to the forum
Remove the limit of 1 question and 1 comment per day
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15.03.2021, 09:48
How to change the email account here on the forum
Good afternoon. The email that is linked to my account here on the forum has changed. How to change it?
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Baza.cn.ua / Integrator (FOP Kupriyan)
10.03.2021, 22:27
What is the reason for introducing restrictions on the forum for users
Continuation of the topic https://crm-onebox.com/ru/support/organizational-structure/4885-poluchil-soobshc...
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22.01.2021, 15:59
Structure tab not working
The structure tab does not work for this box https://chernyshv.crm-onebox.com
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22.12.2020, 16:01
Please reply to my request
Please reply to my request https://crm-onebox.com/ru/support/other/4838-ne-korrektno-rabotaet-boks-est-ryad...
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Baza.cn.ua / Integrator (FOP Kupriyan)
22.12.2020, 15:13
Received a message on the forum "You have exceeded the limit on the number of comments created per day. Please try leaving a comment in a few hours."
1. May I know how much is the daily limit? 2. How is the counting from 00:00 or does the system count all comments for 24 hours at the time of an a...
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Baza.cn.ua / Integrator (FOP Kupriyan)
19.12.2020, 11:44
How to make developers read tasks in which someone has already answered
There is an unspoken rule, but it has already been written several times on the forum The essence of the rule: if the developer sees a new task and...
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13.12.2020, 00:55
How to prevent an employee from going to a specific stage?
Access by status disabled. BP enabled.