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03.04.2024, 11:51
Bug, directory filling does not work
In the box https://apb.1b.app/ a guide https://apb.1b.app/app/customobject/1/field/ is configured, with a field of type Multilist products https://...
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06.02.2024, 18:24
We set up automation, but it works only when we edit the directory entry in manual mode
The automation fills the reference field, but it does so only when we edit the record in manual mode, when we tried to edit the record through the ...
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06.02.2024, 18:20
When importing data into directories, the system hangs and does not import all data
When importing data into directories from a file in XLS format, the system imports data, but every now and then it shows an error and then everythi...
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05.12.2023, 11:02
Add the variable "TTN return delivery"
Good afternoon Please add to the directory of variables the field variable "TTN for return delivery".
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23.09.2023, 14:59
The directory constructor has the following setting
Tell me where I can read about how this setting "Configure many-to-many directory communication" works
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12.09.2023, 12:41
How the section "Configure autofill of fields" works (Object Designer block)
The system has a section "Configure autofill of fields" in the Object Designer block Where can you read how it works?
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09.06.2023, 19:32
The action "Auto-populate values ​​of additional fields of process products based on reference" does not work as it should :)
There is a process product field, let's call it "Type" The "View" directory is attached to this field and data is entered into it Then there are tw...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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25.04.2023, 22:43
The directory automation is not working Category directory
A new product category has been created: https://icolor-keep.1b.app/app/product/category/4/ We now have a total of four categories We created...
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23.03.2023, 17:53
After adding automation (when editing the directory), how to run it for the entire directory so that the fields on all lines are updated?
That is, there is a directory, one more column was added to it and a formula was written Now it is necessary for the system to write down this form...
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10.01.2023, 20:29
Do not show possible options if a certain field is not filled or the data does not match
https://univer.1b.app/desktop/ It is necessary not to show options from the directory if there is no match in other fields. Under this client https...