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10.01.2023, 20:29
Do not show possible options if a certain field is not filled or the data does not match
https://univer.1b.app/desktop/ It is necessary not to show options from the directory if there is no match in other fields. Under this client https...
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22.12.2022, 16:40
OS availability of applications on the phone
Tell me if it is possible to add the possibility to "Install on the phone" the application "Directory builder" https://take.ms/i3u3l ?
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07.12.2022, 11:34
"Edit Directory Entry Based on Process Fields" based on process product subfields.
We update the entries in the directory based on the subfields of the process products with the action "Edit an entry in the directory based on...
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12.11.2022, 13:42
How AutoComplete fields in Directory Builder works
There is such a setting in the "Directory Designer" as "Field Autofill" Please explain with an example how it works and what is...
Refinement: automation by warehouses in the Designer of directories
Good afternoon! Please evaluate the improvement, namely: add the ability to create automation for Warehouses.