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27.01.2023, 09:23
Boxing, please help.
Colleagues, please help. I missed the payment for the domain on which the box sits. Paid. The domain is active. DNS settings are saved, but I can't...
4 answer
28.10.2022, 12:34
Reconciliation of payments
How to make payment coordination by several participants at the same time?
3 answer
01.09.2022, 10:06
Not working correctly and the question about paid support
The first thing I wanted to ask is whether you have paid support, where you could get answers to your questions quickly or at least get them at all...
1 answer
13.07.2022, 20:16
Reset the entire system
Good day. Boxing box 1. Is it possible to reset the entire system to default settings for use in another project? 2. Is it possible to move to anot...
Overdue service key
what to do
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Інтегратор OneBox
12.10.2021, 14:08
Box access tab
Hello! The profile does not display the Client Box Access tab. Tell me this is how it should be?
1 answer
CRM-OneBox version update
Good afternoon. I want to upgrade my version of CRM-OneBox to MVP version.
1 answer
16.07.2021, 10:58
Question to OneBox integrators
Tell me, did you have any experience in implementing OneBox for a travel agency?
4 answer
13.05.2021, 12:21
With which platform does Viber have integration for sending messages?
TurboSMS has the ability to send messages from Viber to clients, but it's not clear if there is a possibility of integration with OneBox, perha...
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16.04.2021, 14:01
Request for help setting up
Hello, I have several offices in my structure, respectively, several leaders and managers who report to them. Purpose: to set up the system so that...