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yesterday, 17:48
Emojis in chats
Congratulations! We are trying to secure all employees in one system, for this all processes, tasks and, of course, chats must work well so that th...
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19.03.2024, 16:09
Improvement: enable/disable notifications within BP within groups
Good afternoon, consider setting up notifications for individual BPs within groups. It is convenient to have several BPs in one group, but not all ...
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Personal license
22.02.2024, 16:06
After paying for boxing, a warning continues to appear in the Central Committee
Good day! Unable to get rid of the message. Boxing was paid for on February 15, but messages continue to appear every three hours. Please fix it. T...
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12.09.2023, 10:52
Notifications stopped coming
Hello. Previously, when I changed the process, I received notifications, but a couple of days ago they stopped coming. How to solve? Thank you
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Receiving notifications only to the person in charge, not author+person in charge
Congratulations. Tell me, is there a solution to this? When a reminder is created in the BP, a notification is sent to the author and the person re...
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09.08.2023, 14:49
Emails not opening from notification center
There are several letters in the notification center, one opens correctly, when you open the rest, it redirects to the mail integration setting. Th...
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09.06.2023, 15:53
Process control.
Good afternoon Tell me, please, where are the "processes under control" configured? Now the person responsible for the order is indicated there, ...
General chat
Good day! Can someone tell me, I'm an admin in openbox, but I can't see the messages of other users. I can write myself, my messages are visible to...
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21.05.2023, 20:04
Please record a video review on the Communication center
Guys, can you make an overview video on the "Communication center" application? It is very interesting how it works / is configured in the context:...
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How to make friends chat with facebook messenger and telegram?
How to make friends chat with facebook messenger and telegram? Messages come only in Facebook messenger, how to make them appear in the chat and au...