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16.11.2022, 17:10
Templates of answers, work with chats
Good afternoon How can you add templates for text correspondence to the system? We need managers to be able to send template responses from the scr...
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07.10.2022, 15:51
Turn chat into a process. Selecting a default chat process
Hello! Tell me how to set the default process for the chat to "turn into a process" and remove the selection of other processes from the ...
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22.09.2022, 13:24
Sound with a new awakening
Previously, it was possible to capture your audio file and engrave it with a new message. Such a function is needed in the OS, already 2 clients as...
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19.08.2022, 00:08
The bug in the center has been notified
Hello Box: https://smartgroup.crm-onebox.com/ Some kind of bug is notified in the center: 150+ new notifications are displayed, while clicking on ...
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16.02.2022, 15:24
Phone notifications
Is it possible to set up notifications on the phone (the OneBox mobile application is installed), in the form of push notifications, or sms (or ano...
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08.02.2022, 10:45
OS - On top of all windows
Continuing the topic: https://1b.app/en/forum/notification-center/12985-os---otmetit-vse-prosmotrennim... When notifications are open, it is not pos...
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01.02.2022, 14:16
OS - Mark all viewed
Often there are a lot of notifications and clicking on each one to mark all viewed is not very convenient. It happens that you only need to view th...
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Rating: Hiding emails in Notification Panel in Onebox OS
The notification panel now displays messages . As I understand it, there is no possibility of hiding this type of event in the notification panel....
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03.12.2021, 09:55
unsubscribe an employee from notifications in the CC for a client
User 68676 on this client 63723 has been constantly receiving all notifications about processes for a year now. unsubscribing does not help, new on...
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"Send push notifications to the browser" - is it in the OS?
In mvp, in the contact card settings, there is a checkbox "Send push notifications to the browser" . I searched through various applicat...