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Incorrect display of interface buttons
The buttons of the One box mobile application window are not displayed on the Xiaomi Redmi 7 device. The missing buttons are marked on the screen...
In the mobile app, it is impossible to go to a task from a reminder pop-up window
Good afternoon Example task https://kiyservice.1b.app/63094/ there is a task reminder action https://kiyservice.1b.app/admin/shop/workflowstatus/99...
There is a problem with the login in the application on Android
Can't log in to the Android app.
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MAKOSH | Analyst of Consolidated Information
19.09.2023, 15:02
PUSH notification reminders
Is it possible to implement "Task Reminders" in the form of PUSH notifications, in the message center on the phone?
1 answer
26.07.2023, 14:00
Login to the mobile application with a username and password
Guys, can you make it so that you can enter the mobile application with a username and password? Now only via phone and SMS
How to enter the employee program?
Is it necessary to have an ID to log in to the new onebox program for an employee?
Links from OneBox do not open in the mobile application, but only in the browser
Links from OneBox are not opened in the mobile application, but in the browser... When setting up the phone itself, selecting the program for openi...
1 answer
ЮРИСТИ БЕЗПРОБЛЕМ, ТОВ, директор, адвокат
08.06.2023, 22:36
Why is it not possible to install the application in your box
When trying to install the application, it says the following An error occurred while installing the application. There are no box-mobile applicati...
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OneBox mobile app
app does not work on iOs, iPad, 12.5.7.
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27.05.2023, 12:11
Scanning barcodes through the onebox mobile app
Good afternoon. Can you please tell me how can I scan barcodes through the onebox mobile application?