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yesterday, 10:20
Boxing is closed for several days
Welcome. The box has not been working for several days https://cabinet.tehnolavka.com.ua/app/product/
CPM does not load, hetzner server is available
in the morning I can’t go to the CPM website, it happened when there was no connection with the serser sometime, but there is a connection with the...
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16.11.2022, 16:09
Change of domain name
Good afternoon, please change the domain name agropractice.1b.app to skillhub.1b.app and apenglishedu.1b.app to vortexsales.1b.app
Out of disk space
You need to clean up disk space (logs, histories), maybe you need to compress the logs, those that are older than 20 days will be deleted. Perhaps ...
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09.11.2022, 22:35
The problem is a long status switching / process copying
Good afternoon. Please help to find the cause of Box's slowdown, there is a long triggering of status switching, a long creation of a copy of t...
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08.11.2022, 10:44
Change server time
There is a project https://fr-auto.1box.link/desktop/ it is necessary to change the server time to Almaty
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Change the box currency
Hello! Change the currency of proektobk.1b.app box from euro to dollar. Thank you!
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02.11.2022, 12:29
System timezone
Hello! I ask you to change the system time zone to GMT +6 - flexservice.1b.app Thank you!
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Server power for OS
Tell me, what server resources will be needed for our project when switching to OS?
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01.11.2022, 11:52
renewal of the certificate
you need to renew the ssl.com.ua certificate