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17.04.2024, 16:16
Problems with the work of formulas and conditional formatting in the table after deleting the script
After adding a script that controlled the transfer of the number from one sheet to another, and then removing it, the table had problems with the f...
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Oneboxconsulting (интегратор)
16.02.2024, 18:15
finalize the option "do not update business process and process status after download"
please complete the automatic action "Import data from Google spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheet)" so that when updating processes (the "Search by pr...
2 answer
10.02.2024, 19:26
Apps Script in Google Sheets for inserting values ​​into empty cells
Please help me create a script for Apps Script in Google Sheets, which inserts a certain value (for example a dot) into empty cells in a certain co...
Export to Google tables depending on the value of the additional field
There was such a problem when I simply export any process fields to Google Sheets, everything works fine. But as soon as I set the condition for wh...
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Група активної реабілітації, Голова правління
06.01.2024, 12:17
Organization of files downloaded from processes
Good day! There is a need to group files into folders according to processes or other logic, because currently everything is loaded into a common f...
Import from google tables
There was such a problem when I import some non-existent data from google tables, new business processes are created. In the tables for the test, I...
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08.12.2023, 09:49
Files give 404 error.
After some time after downloading, the files give a 404 error. Become unavailable for download and viewing. The screenshots showed that the f...
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25.10.2023, 20:25
Calculation formula with condition
Hi all! And a huge thank you to whoever helps me tweak the formula. There are several columns, in the first we select the type of payment (cash or ...
Setting up the unloading of warehouse balances in Google Spreadsheets
After configuring the unloading of warehouse balances into the Google OB table, the following error appears: { "error": { "code": 403, "message": "...
1 answer
20.09.2023, 13:47
Improvement of file storage.
Shalom Orthodox. We will improve the file storage 1. In the file storage, in the folder settings there should be a link to a contact/Contacts (mult...