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04.10.2022, 15:59
Product names are not fully uploaded
Here http://crm.tryalia.com.ua/app/product/?filterbrands=7 select everything and upload to file storage https://take.ms/Fi8dw We open the file and ...
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29.09.2022, 19:01
Implement "Create folder on FTP" action
Here https://univer.1b.app/desktop/ you need to implement the action "Create folder on FTP". In the action settings there should be a fie...
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Upload Excel files in xlsx format
Guys, tell me, can I add the ability to download Excel files (each document into a separate file) in .xlsx format to this application?
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15.06.2022, 12:02
Question - Actions with files
Please tell me, is it possible to put files on Google Disk with actions from the process? Or somehow connect processes to the disk: store files on ...
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Need to set up copying backups to ftp-storage
You need a setting like here https://1b.app/ru/forum/file-storage/10081-zapis-bekapov-na-otdelnoe-hranilishch...
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27.01.2022, 11:12
Using files in BP from Ya.Disk?
Integration with Yandex Disk is set up. Tell me, please, is it possible to configure the ability to work with the repository of poison files in bus...
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Backup creation not working
Good afternoon! We do not find a backup along the path /opt/mysql_backup Box: https://crm.rsrussia.ru/admin/ For the second box, backups are create...
Box assigns additional extensions to files
Boxing assigns additional extensions to files, while the file does not open in the corresponding application when downloading. For example: files w...
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21.09.2021, 01:39
Yandex.disk verification confirmation
Hello. Tell me, installed Yandex.disk, received a token and password. The video shows (old version) that you need to follow the link to give permis...
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26.08.2021, 09:54
Advice on block files in progress
There is a block in interface files in process It displays files in progress. These files are added by the action Add files to process from the sp...