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13.02.2024, 12:36
Is it possible to parse with XML?
Hello. Can you parse only from Google Doc or also from XML files and links? A
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06.12.2023, 13:17
Question about importing goods from Brain
Recently in One box. thinking of using it as Brain product clipboard with Opencart. It's like I set up Brain import according to the instructions, ...
Finalization of integration
Good day! Is it possible to finalize the integration in terms of obtaining balances from ERC for the specified warehouse in advance?
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29.09.2023, 12:21
Getting to know the add-on
Hello. How or where can I look at this addition? Perhaps there is a demo version? Thank you
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02.08.2023, 20:46
Integration with Brain does not delay the description of goods
Integration with the OS has been set up, so far most of the fields are updated, except for the Description in Ukrainian. Action https://crm.eoffice...
Пользователь готов заплатить за решение 1$
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25.05.2023, 14:34
Obtaining the availability of goods from the supplier Brain
help to understand: here is a product in stock https://brain.com.ua/ukr/Bagatofunktionalniy_pristriy_Canon_i-SENSYS_MF237w_c_Wi...
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28.09.2022, 09:25
Incorrect product availability
Hello. There are products that are not in the price list, but they are displayed in stock, although the supplier's tab says that they are out o...
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OneBox Corp - Інтегратор
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22.09.2022, 12:43
Do not exit the integration with the South-contract (new API)
Successful integration https://technosite.crm-onebox.com/app/settings/supplierugcontract2/ Categories do not fit I turned off the diy, because it ...
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13.09.2022, 19:21
The price of the postal worker is not imported
Nalashtovana diya http://clepsydra.org.ua/admin/auto/action/day/edit/ "Universal import of the supplier's price list in YML format (Tradin...
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06.09.2022, 17:59
Goods from the price do not appear on the link
download the xml price from the link with the action "Universal import of products (xml/json)", the action does not produce errors https:...