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28.09.2022, 09:25
Incorrect product availability
Hello. There are products that are not in the price list, but they are displayed in stock, although the supplier's tab says that they are out o...
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OneBox Corp - Интегратор
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22.09.2022, 12:43
Do not exit the integration with the South-contract (new API)
Successful integration https://technosite.crm-onebox.com/app/settings/supplierugcontract2/ Categories do not fit I turned off the diy, because it ...
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13.09.2022, 19:21
The price of the postal worker is not imported
Nalashtovana diya http://clepsydra.org.ua/admin/auto/action/day/edit/ "Universal import of the supplier's price list in YML format (Tradin...
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06.09.2022, 17:59
Goods from the price do not appear on the link
download the xml price from the link with the action "Universal import of products (xml/json)", the action does not produce errors https:...
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29.08.2022, 11:49
Removed vendor from system
The supplier disappeared from the system. There is an entry in the stories about creating/saving the supplier https://take.ms/U78e3. https://take.m...
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Clarification on setting up integration with the South Contract
The integration was set up, the goods were loaded. But the goods have only 1 image (of poor quality) and no description. Examples of goods https://...
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22.08.2022, 16:32
"TyreClub" app
You can install OneBox using the link https://crm-onebox.com/ru/?ref=21 The TireClub app by SheBo TyreClub is a platform that is a tool for the wor...
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15.08.2022, 09:39
No product import action from Kiddisvit supplier
Installed Kiddisvit App But in the automation, the action to import products from the supplier Kiddisvit did not appear
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Good afternoon! How can I check if the automatic import of prices from ERC and Yug-Contract suppliers works?
Automatic import from suppliers Yug-kontrakt and ERC
Hello! I have configured automatic actions to update data from Yug-contract and ERC suppliers. At the moment, only the price, RTC, description, ima...