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Obtaining the availability of goods from the supplier Brain

help to understand:

here is a product in stock https://brain.com.ua/ukr/Bagatofunktionalniy_pristriy_Canon_i-SENSYS_MF237w_c_Wi... with article number 1418C122

according to АРИ, request http://api.brain.com.ua/product/articul/1418C122/ availability is transferred to warehouses

in the box updated the products with the following settings:

In the product https://eoffice.1b.app/app/supplier/13081/product/, the supplier has been added, the data has been updated, the availability has not been checked

Yes, for all products, there is no stock in any of them. mistake on our side? if so - can you fix it?
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The supplier says the following:
The stocks, stocks_expected, and available values are only returned for users with the OWN_LOGISTICS_MODE status.
Check if OWN_LOGISTICS_MODE is enabled, probably not and needs to be enabled to get availability
25.05.2023, 14:55
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Сусяк Ігор Integrator
Personal license
thanks it worked
For this, a request was made to Brain through his office to enable OWN_LOGISTICS_MODE.
26.05.2023, 11:23
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