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XML payment upload BUG
set the payment export action here https://murmur.1b.app/app/automatization-payment/insert/edit/ and here https://murmur.1b.app/app/automatization...
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27.01.2023, friday, 14:51
Export transactions to Excel
Hello! I can not find how to export transactions to Excel. Please tell me how to do it.
LIqpay service commission
Good afternoon! We have configured integration with this service With OneBox, we issue payment links to customers Customers pay and payments immedi...
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Error again: The specified check id already exists
Previously there was such a problem: - https://1b.app/ua/forum/integration-with-cashier-and-software-ppo/15277-vkazaniy... - htt...
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Restore payment categories
Today, I accidentally replaced the category of all payments (73,369 units) with "Sale of goods" Before that, there were other, different categories...
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11.01.2023, 22:33
Show only incoming payments
Hello. I connected integration with Monobank, in payments both crediting to the card and withdrawal are displayed. Is it possible to display only c...
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
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11.01.2023, 11:34
Receiving payments with Liqpay
Good afternoon! Payments do not enter the likpay when generating a link from the process. The external payment id is specified. The payment flies i...
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10.01.2023, 21:59
The Monobank application is broken
Good evening! The application is broken, writes: "Monobank Statement ERROR 2023-01-10 21:48:05 No token specified in the application settings" Used...
Error when replenishing balance through personal account
Good afternoon! I'm trying to replenish the balance via Liqpay in the "My balances" section this error pops up
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29.12.2022, 09:11
Notification of receipt of payment
Is it possible to receive a notification in the system that a payment has arrived from a private bank?