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CRM for business process configurations
We need a system for a diverse business and we need the most flexible PSU designer Are there any limits on the number of processes? We need to do 1...
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07.12.2023, 15:28
please help, I need to make a concatenation of text additional fields and enter it in an additional field. how to do it in the procedure?
Good day. Please help, you need to concatenate additional text fields (combining values ​​from four additional fields) and enter it in the fifth ad...
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31.07.2022, 11:12
Change the boxing system currency from UAH to $
It is necessary to change the currency instead of the practical box from the hryvnia to $. How many years do you need to doopration? https://partst...
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29.04.2022, 14:07
Boxing mistakes
Good afternoon! I can’t understand what exactly is happening, but after the restoration of boxing, he began to work somehow differently. I didn’t w...