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16.05.2024, thursday, 17:04
Sending to the organization of FOP and LLC
It does not work to fill out the NP and send it to the FOP or LLC. I am attaching a photo of the error. The ID code is added, but the program does ...
Integration with NovaPay
Good day! You can consider integration with the NovaPay service Integration is required by analogy with mono and private, so that payment statement...
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How to update the Omniva delivery service api
Good afternoon The Omniva delivery service has updated the API. Now the box no longer generates stickers. We need to update the omniva API in onebo...
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08.05.2024, 12:41
The workflow is broken! Tracking is not tightened, stages are not switched
The box does not show the status of the parcel, the order https://sambag.crm-onebox.com/78721/, although the tracking on the Ukrainian Post website...
Mass printing of TTN through the function "Print TTN by processes"
Good day! You can evaluate the improvement of the following functionality: In the list of orders, we use this function of printing ТТН https://prnt...
Refinement is required
Add automation for adding TTNs that go to us to the process. That is, the action searches for TTN integration that are directed TO us, and adds TTN...
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28.03.2024, 11:38
Incorrect notifications in the box about the statuses of parcels from new mail
This is how notifications started to appear on the screen, we did not change anything in the box as far as np is concerned At the same time, every...
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Is it possible to choose the sender's organization when creating a TTN NP?
Good day. I did not find the option to set it up so that you can choose the sender when creating the New Poshta TTN. The sender is set only from th...
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19.03.2024, 16:56
The parcel was sent to an address that does not match the address in progress
The package was sent to an address that does not match the address in process. With this error, the incorrect address is the first branch of the ...
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19.02.2024, 13:54
When entering the "Ukrposhta create delivery" tab, it gives error 500
For 2-3 days now, when entering the ../ukrposhtainvoice/ tab of the "Ukrposhta create delivery" process, it gives error 500. Ukrposhta's API suppo...