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You have reached the maximum number of sessions in your onebox license
No access works, it says to all users at the same time, The maximum number of sessions in your onebox license has been reached Please reset all ava...
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07.12.2023, 11:02
Add an app avatar on the My Apps page
Guys, I ask you to display application avatars on this page https://1b.app/ru/billing/apps/, otherwise I was in a hurry and paid for the wrong appl...
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Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
30.11.2023, 15:56
Needs finishing touches for a personal account
Improvement is needed. In the Deny transition depending on fields action, there is an error text that is displayed It is necessary that when the cl...
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Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
22.11.2023, 11:13
Checking fields indicating error
Good afternoon In your personal account there is a Forms block https://univer.1b.app/admin/shop/boxclient/10/interface/?workflowid=101&grou... T...
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20.11.2023, 11:09
1 file per block page is displayed in the client's office.
On the process view page in the client's account, a block with files is displayed https://prnt.sc/D6FhCZ2rZ8nw But only 1 file per block page is di...
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27.10.2023, 16:01
After registration, the client does not have a phone number
Here is the contact https://univer.1b.app/app/contact/6029738/ After registering with LK, he no longer had a phone number. Although a telephone num...
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26.10.2023, 13:40
Send only an email to recover your personal account password
Here https://univer.1b.app/admin/shop/boxclient/16/interface/ password recovery settings. in personal account https://univer.1b.app/app/settings/bo...
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24.10.2023, 16:38
The action does not work for a product added through the personal account
Here https://univer.1b.app/admin/shop/workflowstatus/74/action/new/ is one of the last actions (the “Price per lk” procedure). Should accordingly c...
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20.10.2023, 16:43
Non-clickable buttons (Add to cart) in lk
From this client https://box.yerocolors.com/app/contact/400/ we go to lk. These buttons on the product page are not clickable https://prnt.sc/Sel9y...
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13.10.2023, 09:52
In the client's account, the values ​​in the fields are not saved when switching stages
There was already a topic like this, it was fixed. Same problem again. Please fix it urgently. https://1b.app/ru/forum/client-cabinets/17733-v-kabi...