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02.05.2024, 14:15
Install the Google Maps plugin
Hello everyone, who can help install the google maps plugin for the website https://tradernew.pro/, I can't understand how to do it, there is acces...
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Apps are not displayed
THE PROBLEM NEEDS A FAST SOLUTION!!! After installing applications on the mobile phone - the following applications are not displayed in the mobile...
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03.10.2023, 19:37
Improve the googlemaps interface block
Boxing https://everest.1b.app/ Guys, is it possible to improve the setting so that when you click on the address marker on the map, it will offer y...
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26.09.2023, 19:06
Improvement of google maps
Guys, shalom. Guugkart needs to be improved In general, we have a block in the process and there it shows the process address point. 1. You need to...
Map of contacts on Google Map
???? The GPS object application does not show all processes on the map. https://arsenalcompany.1b.app/app/gps-order/ Is it possible to map the addr...
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Personal license
05.07.2023, 17:07
Setting up fields with hints from google maps
Good day. Boxing - https://erlaker.1b.app/ In the process, we need to display 2 addresses: the start and end of the route. Currently, these are add...
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08.06.2023, 10:34
The list of addresses does not drop out in the process
Here https://palyanica.1b.app/1079/ (Fig. 1) the address is not automatically loaded by Google Maps. Although the key works. If you go to the con...
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02.07.2021, 13:01
How to get a Google Maps key and where to register it so that maps work in GPS applications?
How to get a key for Google Maps and where to register it so that maps work in GPS applications?
the program does not correctly send the request to the relog
Nurtilek Shamuratov, [26.02.21 19:16] I checked the request from onebox, the payment type comes empty Nurtilek Shamuratov, [26.02.21 19:20] You nee...
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01.09.2020, 16:36
GPS contact movement table,
1. Good afternoon, I see actions in the system that refer to the movement table, which supposedly should contain GPS data on the movement of employ...