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Email templates allow to create templates for further usage during email creation. A template with the text of email is created, which you send to the client with a certain frequency - a template will help to avoid typing the email manually. You can use variables within the template, which can pull the dynamic (changing) data. The abovementioned approach will eventually save your time on sending offers (emails) to clients on a daily basis, due to the fact that you should just choose a template and edit it, if required, instead of typing the text manually.

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Application Email templates available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Email templates available on my server
Available on my server
Application Email templates customizable

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1 answer
26.01.2023, 16:31
How to automate emails in the stage designer
It is necessary to submit e-mails in the constructor of stages for a certain process, tell me how to do it. And add ready-made e-mails via HTML - c...
2 answer
ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
18.01.2023, 13:13
In the email, instead of the image of the product, there is a link to it
Created a template to send letters from the system. We use the variable to output the image, as on the 1240 chest Inserted this variable into the t...
5 replies
05.01.2023, 11:39
Does not tighten the text and subject of the letter template
Template example https://hdp.1b.app/app/mailing-template/4/ I select a contact - I send it to "Mail", the action is to write a letter - in the open...
5 replies
11.03.2021, 11:57
Clients receive dozens of letters to the post office that we did not send
Clients complain that we spam them with dozens and hundreds of emails. We did not send these letters to them, and we do not even see them in our ev...
1 answer
16.02.2021, 17:44
Letter Signatures for Employees
Please tell me how to set up email signatures correctly. The fact is that most of our employees work from one (main) email address, but everyone mu...
8 replies
html css
Hello! It is necessary to insert html code into the letter for the client in the box. Here is the code itself https://jsfiddle.net/web123/L7ksrue4/...
7 replies
15.12.2020, 15:08
sending a letter: Leave a review about the ordered goods
at /admin/shop/settings/notification-template/ there is a setting for email templates. how to set up sending emails using this template? https://pr...
4 answer
11.09.2020, 16:17
remove zeros in variable quantity for emails
There is a system variable for the quantity of goods in letters, it is drawn with four zeros, there are customers who believe that this is a thousa...
Sending a letter "It's an employee's birthday"
Where and from what address does this action send emails? The action is supposed to fire once a day, but in the end it doesn't work. Dates of b...