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Bulk mailing #

The Bulk Mail app will help your business engage with customers even better. This is a tool that will increase conversions, attract new and retain existing customers. Our mailing service is suitable for any field of activity, and a wide functionality makes it possible to customize the selection of contacts and send messages only to a specific group of customers from your database.

Why should your business implement bulk mailing?

Email newsletter to the database is a powerful channel for communication with your customers. With its help, you can inform your contacts about promotions, special offers, offer related and new products. Its main goal is to build audience confidence in your brand and increase sales.

The program for mass mailing of mail allows you to send messages:

  • throughout the database;
  • a specific group of clients;
  • individual contacts.

You make a selection yourself and set who exactly the letter will be sent to.

Features of the "Mass Mailing" application

  1. Create email templates and save your time when creating new mailings.
  2. Fine-tuning the selection of contacts.
  3. Ability to schedule an Email campaign with the date and time of sending.
  4. Mailing by position is provided - inform your employees without wasting personal time.
  5. You can create your own directories for mailing.
  6. A large number of variables - contacting a client, signing, unsubscribing, contacts, company name, etc. All this will make your letters as personalized as possible.

Working with the service is easy and convenient!

Our program for mass mailing of letters by e-mail has a wide functionality and a simple interface, so you can easily understand all its features. To create a mailing list based on your contacts, you need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Preparing the base. Upload a list of contacts to whom you want to send a letter, or select groups, individual users from an existing list.
  2. Writing a letter. Using the editor, ready-made templates, create an attractive letter for the client.
  3. Sending. Submit your prepared email and track your results (most clickable links, CTR, and more).

You can send any email to an unlimited number of contacts. E-mail newsletter using OneBox software allows you to configure SMTP so that your messages do not end up in spam.

With a wide variety of variables, your emails are more likely to end up in the Unsorted folder, which increases the chances that users will see and read them.

Implement Bulk Messaging in your business to better interact with customers and increase sales!

How it works «Bulk mailing» #

Create unlimited number of mailing lists, configure sending options: mailing week days, starting dates, size of portions.

You can put unlimited number of contacts into every mailing list: just create required sampling within the Contacts app and send the data to Bulk mailing app.

The app supports HTML and text-based mailings. You can opt to put tracking pixel for HTML-mailings, which allows checking who did read or not read some specific email from specific mailing. And since it's connected to Contacts app, you can be super certain of whether the client was notified or not.

To benefit from the app, you would need to install Mail app and configure the access to your SMTP-server.

If you are planning to send out many emails or you don't know how to configure SMTP correctly (so the emails do not go to spam), you would also need to install the integration app like SendPulse, MailChimp, GetResponce or similar.

Screenshots «Bulk mailing» #

Available Platforms «Bulk mailing» #

Application Bulk mailing available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Bulk mailing available on my server
Available on my server
Application Bulk mailing customizable

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