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It allows to configure background automation for the contacts. This type of automation is configured for actions associated with contact card creation or contact card saving. You can configure placing it to required group of contacts, creation of tasks, based on the fields or provided data etc.

To configure the automation, you need to place the required actions within chosen automation through the Add button and set up it according to your needs.

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Application Automation for contacts available on Android
Available on Android
Application Automation for contacts available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Automation for contacts available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Automation for contacts available on my server
Available on my server
Application Automation for contacts customizable

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2 answer
CEO, owwa.com.ua
06.12.2023, 13:48
Variables are not substituted in the Fill Contact Card Field action when conditions are met
Good afternoon, I specify a variable in the field and the name of the variable is stored in the contact card, not its value. Please fix it. Autom...
2 answer
CEO, owwa.com.ua
23.10.2023, 12:39
Today, a bug appeared when saving a field with a hyperlink
Good day, We use automation in the client's card "Fill the field of the contact card based on the formula", save the text Open in the field Bef...
0 replies
14.10.2023, 13:02
Record the date of change in the contact card
Here https://crm.phdcare.com.ua/app/contact/6168/ Need to be recorded in add. field the date the contact card was last modified. You can do this th...
1 answer
25.04.2023, 13:42
The action Fill in the contact card field when the conditions are met is not added
Automation for contacts https://lab-service.1b.app/app/automatization-user/update/edit/ does not add the action Fill the contact card field when th...
4 answer
Email lead not created
We have the following process: - applications from the site come to a specially created email - from this email we parse them and create deals - on...
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Personal license
25.10.2022, 12:06
OS date format in English
question of the format https://www.grammarly.com/blog/how-to-write-dates/ - correctly, the month is always capitalized and with a comma like this: ...
3 answer
17.10.2022, 11:18
Completion of the action "Fill in the field of the contact card based on another field"
Completion of the action "Fill in the field of the contact card based on another field" In the "copy from" field, you need to m...
1 answer
19.09.2022, 17:47
Data cleaning
Tell me how to properly clean deleted contacts?
4 answer
16.09.2022, 10:10
Automatic substitution of numbers in the phone number
Good afternoon, tell me where this setting is turned off Now if an order with the number 0999999999 falls into the box, then 38 is automatically su...
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Evaluation of completion "Write line from event to additional process field"
https://box.ltec.com.ua/desktop/ You need an action in automation for contacts. Contact example https://box.ltec.com.ua/app/contact/14064/ Creation...