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Email lead not created

We have the following process:
- applications from the site come to a specially created email
- from this email we parse them and create deals
- one of the applications, randomly, for some reason did not parse and the lead card was not created
How to determine where the problem is?
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You can check how the data from the letter will be parsed. In the action "Turn an email into a process" there is a field "Event ID (E-mail)" and under it "Check (in test mode)" insert into the id field of the event that did not create a lead and click on check. Fields from the PREG template will be displayed along with the value from the specified email
03.11.2022, 16:09
Original comment available on version: ru

Maria, thanks for your reply. I started to check on your advice and it seems I understood where the plug is - this particular application was not created as an event. Accordingly, it was not converted from an event to a lead.
Tell me, what could be the problem if the letter with the transaction data was not created as an event?
06.11.2022, 12:04
Original comment available on version: ru

Perhaps your event came to spam, and then you move it to the inbox, but because it was not the last event, it was not parsed into the system. If the email differs from others, it can be added to the black list and then the event will not be
07.11.2022, 09:47
Original comment available on version: ru

Strange, it didn't go to spam. And since then the problem hasn't happened again.
In general, we will continue to observe. Thank you Maria
07.11.2022, 10:04
Original comment available on version: ru

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