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Application Questions and Answers «Ukrposhta»

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08.05.2024, 12:41
The workflow is broken! Tracking is not tightened, stages are not switched
The box does not show the status of the parcel, the order https://sambag.crm-onebox.com/78721/, although the tracking on the Ukrainian Post website...
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19.02.2024, 13:54
When entering the "Ukrposhta create delivery" tab, it gives error 500
For 2-3 days now, when entering the ../ukrposhtainvoice/ tab of the "Ukrposhta create delivery" process, it gives error 500. Ukrposhta's API suppo...
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23.10.2023, 13:05
An error occurred when creating the invoice
Today, this error, which is on the screenshot, started to appear. Before that, nothing was changed in the settings, today I added a value for this...
1 answer
ІнваФішки, консультант
07.09.2023, 20:38
The created TTN does not appear in the office of Ukrposhta
Congratulations! I have fully configured the integration, the API keys are correct, the sender's data is configured according to the data in the of...
Problems with setting up the cabinet
There was a problem, after creating an account in Ukraposh, registering all api keys and settings, it is impossible to create a ttn.
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24.07.2023, 18:07
Error in Ukrposhta
When changing the TTN in the process, the new TTN has not changed in the "Ukrposhta information about TTN" block and, therefore, is not scanned in ...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
29.06.2023, 19:04
Error during automatic creation of TTN
An error occurs that the Client's address must be in the format: Postal address, city, street, etc Here is an example task https://invafishki.1b.a...
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08.05.2023, 17:02
Error creating sender address
An error when creating a waybill in the Ukraposhta application, this is the case with all Ukraposhta waybills
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13.04.2023, 12:36
Ukrposhta print menu does not open
Here https://sara.1box.link/41288/ukrposhtainvoice/ There used to be an opportunity to call the print options https://take.ms/NhCYw To PDF, just pr...
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Інтегратор OneBox
Personal license
18.01.2023, 13:24
Sender index error.
Good afternoon! When manually created, TTN gives an error in the sender index. The index is indicated according to the data from the Ukrposhta LC. ...