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Application Questions and Answers «Achievements»

Automatic switching of NovaPoshta accounts
If it is possible to make a revision so that Nova Poshta accounts switch automatically when the sending limit is reached?
Personal account_price display
Good afternoon! Have a personal account there is a client (drop.), by default, when registering, he has a discount on all goods No. % (the percenta...
5 replies
08.01.2021, 16:27
Set up a discount level for a customer
Please help me figure it out. We have a loyalty program for our clients, with a one-time purchase of UAH 5,000, we assign a 1.5% discount to the cl...
8 replies
04.12.2020, 17:04
Chat is slow
Good afternoon. Faced with the fact that when trying to enter the "Unified Chat" + when switching between chats, there is a very large de...
Evaluate the revision - Display more information about the posting + In stock
https://prnt.sc/vguo6p now only sum in UAH is displayed. But there is no Quantity. + I need to show the Total in the currency of which the products...
1 answer
17.09.2020, 14:41
automation of the order to the supplier and movements between warehouses
The customer has more items. Now works in 1s and excel. There are several retail stores and a tiu.ru store. Important: - the system, based on sales...