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Application Questions and Answers «Forms»

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30.01.2023, monday, 12:30
Form fields are not added
Hello! When creating the form, I can't add fields, a similar situation exists in several other boxes.
Evaluate Form Refinement
1. You need to add a field with country code substitution 2. The field mask should change depending on the user's ip-address. If it is determ...
Styles in head
Tell me, is it possible to prescribe styles in the head? An example of the code that was written in the head: <style> .form-group, .mb-3 { ma...
Improvement needed
Please evaluate the finalization of the forms, at the moment the required field in the form is highlighted and the text is displayed only in the la...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
30.10.2022, 11:25
Is it possible to use custom CSS styling for the forms we create to increase the competitive appeal of OneBox OS
Here is an example of the form as is: https://icoloronebox.crm-onebox.com/form/0/6/ I insert such a form on my site, screen 1182. Here you can see ...
Getting the code to install on the site
Tell me, is it possible, after creating the form, to get its code for installation on the site and how to do it
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25.10.2022, 15:02
It is necessary to implement the ability to make records to clients
Here is a form https://b315226.alteg.io/company/61082/menu?o= It is necessary to implement something similar for recording clients, for example, fr...
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ФОП Легеза Вячеслав Валерианович
Personal license
14.10.2022, 17:20
How to add a button under the form with a link to go further
Here is a form for auditing a company that plans to implement OneBox https://icoloronebox.org/expressaudit By default, the button under the form se...
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26.09.2022, 11:23
Do not create a form if the URL parameters contain an order id
Here is a form https://timelearn.1b.app/form/2939/8/ here are its settings https://timelearn.1b.app/app/forms/11/edit/ in her parameters 2939 is th...
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Papidu Digital Agency
17.07.2022, 18:29
Form on site
Hello! Please tell me how to resolve the issue. On the job search site, next to each vacancy, there is a button to leave an application, after whic...