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Application Questions and Answers «Import export contacts»

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Does not download contacts
Hello! Contact upload stopped working. The letter just doesn't come. Please tell me where to look. box.perspekta.ua
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Интегратор OneBox
Personal license
06.06.2022, 16:21
Export file not received by email
Hello! When exporting contacts, the file does not come to the mail Box https://om24.1b.app/ Can be corrected?
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How to upload to Excel contacts who ordered a certain product?
How to upload to excel contacts who have orders for some articles?
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Export the selected contact group
I want to unload clients for a specific group. I choose her. It gives me a list - I want to export exactly these 311 people. To place them in the ...
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11.01.2022, 17:26
Error when loading contacts from xlsx
What does Error mean when importing contacts
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17.12.2021, 08:04
Position of the horizontal scroll bar
When the slider moves along the horizontal scroll bar, the VISIBILITY of the column names is CLOSED. In this case, the vertical slider is in the up...
Improvement "Integration of XML contacts (Export)"
there is an automatic action in crm once per hour XML contact integration (Export). It needs to be updated to fit our needs. We need: 1. Data from ...
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Contacts are not exported | OS
Good afternoon. The letter with contacts does not come when exporting. There is a message that in a couple of minutes it will come and nothing. box...
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15.09.2021, 13:40
Onebox OS contacts won't load
http://box.carveli.com/app/exchange-contact/ I tried to load 3 databases, loaded them differently, but there is no loading since yesterday Please c...
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Contacts are not exported (120k)
doing here https://onetos.org.ua/app/contact/ doing so Writes that a link will come to the mail, but nothing comes 1. Mail setup - yes 2. Mail set...