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Application Questions and Answers «Automation for payments»

Export payments to Excel
In the old version, under payments, there was a function to export payments to Excel. How can I enable this feature in the new version?
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26.07.2022, 13:10
Payments enter the system without a date
Previously, payments entered the system with a time and date. Now the time is not displayed at all so there is no way to link the payment. A week ...
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Having ceased to submit a new comment in payments
Having ceased to submit a new comment on the payment to the privat bank integrated with the account. Now write "null"
2 answer
28.01.2022, 15:44
Incoming payments
Good afternoon! There is a problem. For some reason, payments are not tied up automatically. Previously, everything worked when the order number wa...
7 replies
21.12.2021, 17:45
Payments from private bank are not uploaded
Good afternoon, payments from the private bank have ceased to be uploaded, nothing has been touched in the settings before. Everything is ok in the...
28 replies
19.08.2021, 13:17
Improvement on the import of payments
Is it possible to do a similar action "Integration of XML Payments (Import)" for the stage that will be triggered when switching / saving...
1 answer
19.08.2021, 13:11
Improvement on the import of payments
Guys, I have a question. I need to collect bank statements from excel file You need to do a similar action Integration of payments XML (Import) onl...
2 answer
Payment automation not working
There are settings https://onetos.org.ua/app/automatization-payment/update/edit/ My task is that if I update the payment (change its category or li...
2 answer
26.07.2021, 15:27
Payment update method
I live! In the method of updating payments, it is not possible to update the exchange rate. /api/payment/update/ currencyrate If you don’t pass yog...
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17.03.2021, 18:08
Transition to stage behaves inappropriately
When moving from the "order to the supplier" stage to "all in stock", there are actions not related to the client's obligat...