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How to change time zone in box
How to change the time zone in boxing?
I cannot log in to http://box.avantmed.com.ua
It says "Access is prohibited!"
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yesterday, 17:53
After adding automation (when editing the directory), how to run it for the entire directory so that the fields on all lines are updated?
That is, there is a directory, one more column was added to it and a formula was written Now it is necessary for the system to write down this form...
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yesterday, 17:09
How can you collect information in the product from additional fields of similar products (by model) or some additional field
The essence of the problem: There are several products with the same model range, that is, for example, there are 5 products, they are all the same...
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yesterday, 12:39
Bug. Missing units of measurement in products and their selection
Here https://sara.1box.link/app/product/13027/edit/ https://take.ms/oJEjg units of measurement in products are missing. Please correct.
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yesterday, 12:13
It is not possible to select a product measurement unit.
https://orc-test.kiev.ua/ You cannot manually create a product. Error. Where did the units of measurement go?
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yesterday, 09:57
Connection error
[error code] => 32593 [error message] => Unable to find the socket transport "http" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? Response...
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Personal license
22.03.2023, wednesday, 22:46
Export of product images to Khorozhop
Good day. It was noticed that when exporting goods to Khorosop, new images are added to the existing ones without overwriting previously imported o...
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22.03.2023, wednesday, 20:30
Stopping and archiving oneBOX
Good afternoon, I put the business on pause, what should I do with onebox in this case?
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22.03.2023, wednesday, 17:29
Due to import, indicate the availability of the product at the supplier?
Is it possible through one of the imports to indicate availability at the supplier We are talking about the checkbox in the photo.