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Does not raise payments from Privat24
There was such a problem. Does not withdraw payments from 3 FOPs from privat24, payment accounts: Rs-FOP Haydak N.S. , RS-FOP Golovan I.E. , RS-FOP...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
11.04.2024, thursday, 13:42
End-to-end numbering of documents from the beginning of the year
What is needed: 1. A new year begins and for each template that is used, you need to start numbering with 1 (one) 2. According to each of the ava...
1 answer
11.04.2024, thursday, 11:09
Change the base currency on the system
I ask you to change the base currency to UAH on the system https://avanticosmetics.1b.app/
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How is the product variable {|$basketsArray|} used? I need the product name and quantity to be sent to the client in an e-mail, but this variable d...
3 answer
10.04.2024, wednesday, 14:43
Payment logging
Good day! Tell me if it is possible to view the history of changes in payments, in the "payments and cash register" application, by analogy, as it ...
1 answer
10.04.2024, wednesday, 14:14
Recommend IP telephony.
Good day. I choose IR-telephony, Binotel, Ringostar, Phonet... Everything costs about the same and has a similar interface. What works better, reco...
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Refinement is required
Add automation for adding TTNs that go to us to the process. That is, the action searches for TTN integration that are directed TO us, and adds TTN...
2 answer
09.04.2024, tuesday, 18:43
Export of goods does not work
Congratulations, I have connected the HOROSHOP integration. I configured it, but categories and products are not exported. The category was created...
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09.04.2024, tuesday, 15:25
Unsent messages
Sent a message to the client in viber from the box, according to this process https://sambag.crm-onebox.com/75765/ How to understand from the box t...
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09.04.2024, tuesday, 14:52
Improvement: Exporting users to Hoshotop
Guys, please calculate the revision according to Good. An action is needed to export contacts to Good. Here is the link to the manual https://horo...