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02.05.2024, 17:56
Syntax in the "formula" field
Is it possible to use arithmetic operations in the formula field? What is the correct syntax?
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Personal license
02.05.2024, 17:15
The import of coupons from Opencart did not work
Import of coupons from Openkart is configured in the system - https://i.imgur.com/CgJ1mly.png A coupon for 10% off the order has been added to the ...
2 answer
CEO, owwa.com.ua
02.05.2024, 15:06
504 error, we cannot view the report Turnover by suppliers for April 2024
Good afternoon, we cannot filter the report for the month of April, 504 error, please help to fix: Link to the report with the filter for April th...
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02.05.2024, 14:15
Install the Google Maps plugin
Hello everyone, who can help install the google maps plugin for the website https://tradernew.pro/, I can't understand how to do it, there is acces...
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Personal license
01.05.2024, 17:32
Adding currency goods to the process
It is necessary that when adding products to the process (from the "Add product to process button" or "Product search" or "Products by table" block...
Action "Write a document"
Good day! Order example https://ukroptmarket.1box.link/26349/ https://prnt.sc/j1VVOqcuFsKw, https://ukroptmarket.1box.link/admin/shop/workflowstatu...
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01.05.2024, 12:58
Very urgent - General chat is not displayed ‼️
The employee's general chat no longer appears in processes as of today. The problem is related to E-chat: if there is an existing corresponden...
1 answer
30.04.2024, 21:42
Improvement is needed in Uploading the price list: the option "Update only the Product Price and RRP"
We need an option in which, when loading a supplier’s price list, only the Product Price and RRP will be updated. Will it be possible to compare pr...
1 answer
30.04.2024, 16:17
Evaluate the possibility of implementing the refinement of the bar coding function
It is necessary to create a separate program in which you can read the bar code of the product using the phone's camera and it is possible to see i...
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29.04.2024, 17:22
Unsent messages #2
Previous topic (in short, "it is not clear from the interface of the paid box application that the message was not delivered to the client") https...