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A problem with displaying services in the document
In the document template, I set up a separate display of goods and services. There were no problems with the goods. And the services are not displa...
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Variable {|$basketsArray|}name
Tell me how to specify the desired language in the variable {|$basketsArray|}, namely {|$b.name|}? Because different cases require a different lang...
Help setting up contact import (XML Contacts Integration (Import))
Good afternoon There was a problem setting up automation once an hour. "Integrate XML Contacts (Import)" action. Data on API URL finds...
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25.03.2023, saturday, 20:51
OneBox, record a video on YouTube about recalculating prices
Please record a video in your style, with examples and, most importantly, the LOGIC of the "recalculation of prices and availability" app...
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clearing orders
Hello, there was a desire to clean the box using this application. Got a question: If I delete old orders, then: 1) Are the contacts associated wit...
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24.03.2023, friday, 19:57
What is Provider Availability
In the fine settings of product import, there is such a field "Availability from the supplier" What is it responsible for? What are its functions?
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24.03.2023, friday, 19:55
what is "supplier availability text"?
In the fine settings of product import, there is such a field "supplier availability text" What is it responsible for? What are its functions?
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Personal license
24.03.2023, friday, 18:58
Rate the update for the action "Create payment link in WAYFORPAY"
Good day! It is necessary for the client to see the order data when following the payment link. Now only "Payment" is displayed. https://take.ms/xl...
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24.03.2023, friday, 15:01
How to change time zone in box
How to change the time zone in boxing?
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23.03.2023, thursday, 17:53
After adding automation (when editing the directory), how to run it for the entire directory so that the fields on all lines are updated?
That is, there is a directory, one more column was added to it and a formula was written Now it is necessary for the system to write down this form...