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today, 11:20
Work with the process (Ice)
The essence of the task: The client previously worked at Bitrix24 and his managers were used to working DURING the conversation with the client wit...
2 answer
yesterday, 15:12
Amount of data to switch to a "data" tariff
The control panel shows 44 thousand MB https://take.ms/YposV Please let me know how much data it will be approximately when switching to the OS. Wh...
3 answer
yesterday, 14:23
How to make sure the availability of a product is tightened through an xml link
There is a presence of suppliers which is tightened through xml links. One of the links stopped working. It was disabled, but the presence remains ...
1 answer
yesterday, 14:11
Error in translation
In the action "Add a comment to the process" on the English version of multilingualism, the name of the check mark is incorrectly translated https:...
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yesterday, 12:12
There are no access rights settings for one of the accounts
Good day, For some reason, it is impossible to configure access rights in one account among all accounts, the list with options for access rights ...
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yesterday, 11:18
OneBox is bombarded with password recovery spam!
Good afternoon. OneBox bombards mail with spam, tries to send password recovery to the same mail. Letters appear in outbox every minute in the amo...
Stage tasks
How to open access to the possibility of changing the stage of the task for employees
4 answer
OneBox mobile app
app does not work on iOs, iPad, 12.5.7.
in access rights, I granted "view/manage" by role to employees, after a couple of days I added access to several roles, but now no one can see past...
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01.06.2023, thursday, 19:18
Adding a Standard Field to an Action
Good afternoon. Noticed that in automation for products. Action "Calculate the value using the formula and write to the specified field&qu...