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today, 00:24
Refinement of the action of sending a message to E-chat
Improve the settings for sending a document from an additional field with the file type, similar to Telegram https://everest.1b.app/
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yesterday, 17:58
Update product prices on wordpress
here https://crm.phdcare.com.ua/app/automatization/hour/edit/ In the action "WordPress / Export Products" you need to check the box "Do not create ...
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yesterday, 17:20
Goods are not reserved during the action process
Process https://one-box.shine-bright.com.ua/361150/. There is free stock in one of the warehouses. Does not reserve goods either at the selected ...
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yesterday, 17:05
Low disk space, need to free up space
Here https://box.yerocolors.com/app/system-statistic/ The disk space is already critically low. You need to clear the "garbage" to free u...
Re-discounting_loading of goods into the re-discounting cart via import
Good afternoon There is a file with products, they have a filter (color, fabric, size), the filter data is associated with the warehouse But when...
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yesterday, 10:34
Completion of the action Copy process product fields
You need to write the product supplier code in an additional field, please add the product supplier code to the list of fields.
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yesterday, 10:34
Onebox does not work
When logging in, the message "Error" comes
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yesterday, 10:31
Refinement of the Import of products into the process, add a condition for updating products based on the value of the additional field of the product of the process
Good afternoon, we use two product tables in the process, divide them by the value of the additional field of the product of the process, and encou...
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Друкарня "Друкарик"
yesterday, 09:13
Phases switch incorrectly
The system switches to the wrong stage. Then it can switch to the correct stage. And this is in addition to the fact that the product table is not ...
BAH stopped displaying products in BP
Products simply stopped being displayed in the product table. Although the final lines show as needed! Example https://askoart.1b.app/6663/