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The task attachment has disappeared
Congratulations! Does anyone know how to restore the Tasks app?
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24.05.2023, 11:24
Explain the structure of the directory "Values of filters of categories Socket" (because there are disagreements with the logic in the socket cabinet)
The system has a directory "Rozetka filter values" that works on the basis of automation "Rozetka category filter values" And here there is a cer...
3 answer
Copy data and settings from one 1box to another
It is necessary to copy all data and settings from https://mobicase.biz/admin/ to https://mobicasebox.1b.app/ The existing data in https://mobicase...
12 replies
23.05.2023, 15:01
How to populate a field depending on another?
How to make it so that, depending on the field "Legal entity (order.order_contractorid)" which is already filled in, an additional field is filled ...
3 answer
23.05.2023, 11:51
Automatic generation of a password when activating a personal account for a client
Here https://univer.1b.app/client/registration/ When registering and activating an account, an email with activation and login, password and activa...
During testing and training in the system, I downloaded the prices of suppliers, as there are many points that need to be corrected or adjusted for...
1 answer
23.05.2023, 10:33
Action to check the presence of a call to the client
Tell the client how to work with call statuses. I wanted to check whether the manager tried to call the client, and if he tried to do so but the cl...
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22.05.2023, 19:15
The error does not work if the contact already exists
Here https://univer.1b.app/admin/shop/boxclient/14/interface/ It is worth setting to show an error if the contact already exists, but in fact when...
Default sort
in the process products block, the table needs to be sorted by the standard field "date the product was added to the system"
How to add a GTM script to the head of contact forms?
why does it give an error when adding a GTM script to the head of a form? How to add a GTM script to the head of contact forms? https://elvatec...