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Error 404
When I try to generate a token for API v2, it gives a 404 error, I can’t understand why - all the parameters seem to be set correctly.
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today, 10:33
OneBox OS app won't install on Galaxy S24 Ultra
A white screen opens and that's it... has anyone encountered this? how to solve a problem?
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yesterday, 16:10
Automation does not work - a process is not created based on a missed call
Automation stopped working. Integration settings on screenshots. We tried all sorts of settings. We contacted Binotel support - eve...
1 answer
yesterday, 13:20
API v1: Update optional field for users
Congratulations. It is necessary to update the custom field for the user according to API v1. I did not find such a mechanism for /api/contact-upda...
old balances are not erased for exactly one date
Configured automatic import of supplier price lists (all in one file) but for some reason the availability of suppliers is duplicated, here are exa...
3 answer
yesterday, 10:20
Good afternoon, please give me the number of hours to add to the API for receiving variants of sources in the vanbox. No., Source name, External so...
1 answer
Personal license
28.05.2024, tuesday, 16:05
Finalize the transfer of Coupons to opencard
Rate the update for the "Send process to OpenCart" action so that coupons added to the Vanbox order can be transferred to OpenCart. As a result, in...
6 replies
28.05.2024, tuesday, 12:40
License as a donation
Good day, friends from III OSHB want to install SRM One Box for inventory accounting. Is it possible to allocate one license to them?
4 answer
part of the product names has disappeared
It is not the first time that part of the product names has disappeared, nothing has changed in the automations, please let me know what is the mat...
Formation of the document in the order
Good day! There is such a problem order example https://ukroptmarket.1box.link/27104/ a permanent discount of 1% is written on the client's card, t...