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Automatic change of payment method, although automation is not configured
Good afternoon, when the order is transferred to the 2nd stage of the business process, the payment method is changed automatically, although it sh...
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yesterday, 15:32
The product card does not show the price change
Product https://znaide.1b.app/app/product/33554/edit/, customized automation for calculating Price Levels automation was started in the product, i...
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yesterday, 13:50
Price tag not printed
Price tag not printed There are products in the list of products for printing, but when I press print, it says that there are no products for print...
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yesterday, 13:37
cut off the first 7 characters from the field value and write the rest in the additional field
Good day It is necessary to cut off part of the text in front of the value of the additional field, and write the remainder in the additional field...
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The action "Replace materials with the product from which it consists" does not work
In boxing: balistyka,1b,app Example problem: balistyka,1b,app/140/. The product ID:42 Straps on RPS was added to the task. We went to the "Passport...
Пользователь готов заплатить за решение 10$
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Finalization of viber business chats (who is ready to chip in?)
viber now has the functionality of business chats that can be integrated via turbo sms the essence is as follows, we can be the first to write a tr...
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yesterday, 10:43
Good afternoon, when you try to include VAT in the price of a product, its cost does not change in any way, what is wrong with this and how can it ...
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yesterday, 10:41
Search for a contact on the site
Good afternoon. In contacts there is a "Web site" field, tell me how you can sort contacts by this field so that you can see contacts whose "Websit...
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yesterday, 08:55
Parent category changes spontaneously
Hello. There are two categories https://cabinet.tehnolavka.com.ua/app/product/category/27865/ https://cabinet.tehnolavka.com.ua/app/product/categor...
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Olmonic - O. P. MOROZOVA
Интегратор OneBox
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07.02.2023, tuesday, 21:44
Bug : Message templates are not displayed in the mobile version of Chat
The mobile version does not display message templates. There is an icon, but there are no added templates. Everything works fine on desktop.