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yesterday, 13:33
New data charging mechanism
Dear OneBox users and partners, Starting today, the calculation mechanism for the “data” tariff has changed in OneBox OS. Previously it was like th...
1 answer
SSL certificate update https://box.dobroznak.com/dashboard/
certificate purchased, renewed, extended https://prnt.sc/8WC6uevjM6hF data from the control panel https://prnt.sc/UMUwqV5ZoA-k Opera opens boxing t...
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22.02.2024, thursday, 16:52
Please evaluate the possibility of finishing
The company, which is engaged in creating an online store on Magento, submitted the following tasks, due to which they cannot upload products to th...
3 answer
Personal license
22.02.2024, thursday, 16:06
After paying for boxing, a warning continues to appear in the Central Committee
Good day! Unable to get rid of the message. Boxing was paid for on February 15, but messages continue to appear every three hours. Please fix it. T...
2 answer
21.02.2024, wednesday, 13:58
Bug fixes
It is necessary to fix the bugs in the paid box of the client. In particular: 1. CPU load is more than 300% https://prnt.sc/7cn0jJO_TBtT 2. Duplica...
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20.02.2024, tuesday, 14:17
Processes on control
Good afternoon. Please tell me how to display information about the client and perhaps some other fields instead of the name of the business entity
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BUG!! Cron automation stopped working
TTNs themselves are not created through automation, orders from Prom are not coming in, we’ve been waiting for an hour. Look what the problem is ht...
4 answer
19.02.2024, monday, 13:54
When entering the "Ukrposhta create delivery" tab, it gives error 500
For 2-3 days now, when entering the ../ukrposhtainvoice/ tab of the "Ukrposhta create delivery" process, it gives error 500. Ukrposhta's API suppo...
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CEO, owwa.com.ua
19.02.2024, monday, 10:46
The amount of the process with a discount text in the document
Good afternoon, it is necessary to display the amount of the process with a discount in text in the document. Tried all the variables with text out...
1 answer
16.02.2024, friday, 18:27
The document is downloaded when the process is opened
Good day for example https://orc-test.kiev.ua/25374/ But when you open any process where there is a document, it is immediately downloaded.