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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
16.02.2024, friday, 11:52
Download the settings of another box to the box
Please copy all settings From here: screen 111 Here: screen 222 Why should it be done? When the box was registered, the Client wrote that h...
1 answer
Bug! Stopped writing the number of scanned orders.
We have a problem with the Work with Ttn application. Ttn is scanned, but does not write how many scanned quantity. Previously, we beeped, it sai...
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15.02.2024, 20:58
Export of product analogues in opencart - rate the refinement.
In the "Upload products/categories/filters/characteristics to opencart (via DB)" action, add the ability to export product analogs from the box to ...
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15.02.2024, 17:33
The option Prohibit resending this SMS when moving to the current stage again does not work
In the "Send notification via SMS" action, the option "Prohibit resending of this SMS when moving to the current stage again" is enabled, but the S...
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15.02.2024, 10:53
Conflict in the operation of two applications.
The action of importing Products, Brands from CMS ExtraParts creates new brands in BOX and records their cat.id (ExtraParts) in the field shopbrand...
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14.02.2024, 21:28
Automation does not work
Good day! Does anyone know why the action in automation "Automatically create a process on a given day of the week" does not work? It is necessary ...
CHECKBOX. Error. No check is created.
Good day. Need help from technical support. After replacing the EPC key, checks are not generated. I keep getting the message: "Invalid access toke...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
14.02.2024, 11:53
BUG: Variables with Prices in document templates took off
How IT WAS: There are products with a price based on the quantity, which we fix in the block: Setting prices Invoices were created and the co...
Bug when counting
Good day. I have a problem with calculating the formula. We have some operations with imports, and when we perform a currency conversion, the addit...
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13.02.2024, 14:12
Filter by group
Tell me how to filter contact groups in contact reports?