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Please tell me how to display a separate column with the wholesale price without changing the calculation rules? We need 3 columns Purchase price (...
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28.02.2024, wednesday, 13:19
OneBox integration with 1C and/or BAS products: is it possible to integrate with Basic versions of 1C/BAS
Good day! Does integration with OneBox require changes to the 1C/BAS configuration, for example, adding details to the configuration, or is it done...
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28.02.2024, wednesday, 09:29
How to send a message to several groups using a Telegram bot?
There is a bot created through BotFather There are many groups to which you need to send the same message. How to do it?
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28.02.2024, wednesday, 05:48
Limit on the quantity of imported goods
Tell me, are there any restrictions in the system on the number of loaded items in OneBox when importing products via an XLSX file?
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27.02.2024, tuesday, 12:25
Payments from Wayforpay are not imported
Hello. I configured two separate actions "WayForPay statement" for two different stores to import payments. But payments were first imported only f...
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26.02.2024, monday, 17:46
Khoroshop: please correct the parameters in the price levels "Export goods to Khoroshop"
Guys, please help. I can’t convey the price levels for good prices. The support team, after looking at the logs, said that we were passing the par...
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OpenCart - OneBox integration
After transferring the site to a new hosting, it is not possible to pick up orders from the database in CRM box.profish.ua, I prescribed new settin...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
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26.02.2024, monday, 14:06
EVALUATE: Develop an action that will take bonuses from the site in real time and rewrite them to the Customer's card
Description of the table fields with bonuses 1. customer_id is the ID of the registered customer, it corresponds to the ID from the oc_customer ...
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ФОП Легеза В.В.
Personal license
23.02.2024, 19:18
500 error: A window with materials in the knowledge base is displayed, it gives an error when navigating
When the user enters the box, he sees a list of standards for familiarization When trying to switch to the standard, gives a 500 error When g...
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The host is currently unable to process this request...HTTP ERROR 500
Good day, I need help, maybe someone has encountered Created a holding company, linked two companies under it that already have open processes with...