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Application "GTD Calendar"

GTD Calendar is the perfect combination of Getting Things Done (GTD) to-do list and classic calendar. Each day is a separate task list.

The app is great for those who like to schedule their tasks for the day, but not get tied to the time within the day.

Configure the display of only the necessary business processes in the “GTD Calendar” application:

1. Install application “GTD Calendar”;

2. In your OneBox OS, open the “GTD Calendar” application:

3. Select the "Displayed Processes" item:

4. Select the business processes to display in the application, as well as which fields you want to display in each of the business processes:

5. Save the settings:

Unlike the “CRM” application, in the “GTD Calendar” application, each column is responsible not for a separate status of the process, but for the day (week / month):

If necessary, you can switch between day, week (default) or month modes:

Start a new process via the “GTD Calendar” application:

1. Select the day for which you want to create a new process and click "Start Process":

2. Fill in the displayed form and click “Create”:

If you are creating a process not for the current day, you need to add the “Schedule” field to the process creation form:

After that, the created process will be on the day that corresponds to the date specified in the "Schedule" field:

3. To change the “Schedule” date of a process, simply drag it to the required column:

By default, when you open this application, only those processes in which you are responsible will be displayed.

To view the processes of another manager, you must:

1. In the “GTD Calendar” application, open the filtering panel:

2. In the “Responsible” filter, select the manager whose processes you want to view and click the “Filter” button:

3. As a result, the processes of the manager you selected in the filter panel will be displayed: