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Application "CashFlow Forecast"

The CashFlow Forecast app shows future cash flows based on your expected payments (for this app to work, the Expected Payments app must also be installed). Thus, it allows your business to avoid cash gaps and other troubles, because you will know about them long before a possible occurrence. All you need to do is add the conducted and planned cash transactions, and the CashFlow financial accounting application will show when and how much money will be in the company's account.

To configure this application, follow these steps:

1. Install and then open the CashFlow Forecast app in your OneBox OS:

2. Open the "Display Options" section:

3. Fill in the displayed settings fields:

These settings are responsible for how and what will be displayed in this application.

The application interface is divided into several parts:

Cost information. These are the outgoing expected payments that are committed for future periods:

Information on receipts. These are incoming expected payments that are committed for future periods:

The final balance for the period. Difference between expected receipts and expenses:

Balance of actual payments for wallets and legal entities selected in the application settings:

Absolute balance:

If you need to add a new expected payment, you can do it directly through the Cashflow Forecast application, for this:

Open the Cashflow Forecast app:

1. Click “Add pending payment”:

2. Fill in the displayed form (be sure to fill in the amount, payment date and wallet) and then click “Save”:

The Cashflow Forecast application will show what your company's balance will be in each next period. For the calculation, only your real balance is used (how much money you have in your account right now) and all expected payments in the future from the current date.