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CashFlow Forecast app #

The CashFlow Forecast app shows future cashflows based on your expected payments. Thus, it allows your business to avoid cash gaps and other troubles, because you will know about them long before a possible occurrence. All you need to do is add the conducted and planned cash transactions, and the CashFlow app for accounting finance will show when and how much money will be in the company's account.

This service provides accurate financial accounting for small and medium businesses. With it, you can structure all expenses and incomes, as well as predict the financial future of the company for a given period, based on real numbers.

Wide functionality and full control of the company's finances

Application for financial accounting CashFlow Forecast has a simple interface and is suitable for any field of activity. The functionality provides for the display of the following information:

  • billing periods (day, week, month or quarter);
  • the expected expenses of the enterprise - by specific expense items and in general;
  • balance;
  • expected receipts to the account;
  • amount of cash, etc.

Right in the report, you can add new items of expenditure or planned income at any time and instantly get a miscalculation of the company's budget. You can set the required counting currency.

CashFlow Forecast is the perfect tool for planning a company's budget

Our program for accounting of income and expenses of the enterprise allows you to accurately plan your budget, based on real data on forthcoming payments. You will know exactly when and how much expenses are planned for a specific goal.

Advantages of the CashFlow application for accounting of financial flows:

  1. An extremely accurate forecast of the movement of financial assets of the enterprise, because it is calculated on the basis of real numbers.
  2. You will need no more than 5 minutes to enter indicators for planned expenses and expected payments.
  3. A detailed report for the selected period will show you all the company's financial flows.
  4. The ability to fine-tune the application for the specifics of your business, with an accurate indication of cost items.
  5. The functionality provides for the accounting of funds in any currency - hryvnia, rubles, dollars or euros.
  6. Data on the company's financial flows will always be at your fingertips, because the service is available in the cloud and on a smartphone (installation on iOS and Android).

With the CashFlow app, you will clearly understand where your business is heading! It is the ideal tool for planning your business budget based on real data.

How it works «Cashflow forecast» #

The app shows your cashflow in future, based on the expected payments.

  • install the application;
  • set the currency to convert all the payments to in the app settings;
  • set the period you'd like to check the Cashflow for: for example, 10 weeks ahead;
  • specify the legal entities and accounts, you want to use as sources for report.

The app will show your company's balance as of each upcoming period. The calculation is based on your actual balance (the amount you currently have on your account) and all the expected payments from the current date in future.

The app doesn't do any divinations. You need to fill out the expected payments (using either Cashflow or Expected payments app), so the calculations work correctly.

If you need some kind of automation or prediction, it is doable, but on an individual basis. You can address a request to the partners-integrators to setup the logics of automatic creation of expected payments for you and Cashflow will work easier and more accurately.

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Available Platforms «Cashflow forecast» #

Application Cashflow forecast available on Android
Available on Android
Application Cashflow forecast available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Cashflow forecast available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Cashflow forecast available on my server
Available on my server
Application Cashflow forecast can be installed multiple times
Can be installed multiple times
Application Cashflow forecast customizable

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