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Application "Bulk Mailing"

The Bulk Mail app will help your business engage with customers even better. This is a tool that will increase conversions, attract new and retain existing customers.

For email newsletters to work, you must have an integration with mail configured and, preferably, a service for sending letters, for example, SendPulse, must be integrated. Letters will be sent to those contacts who have an email registered in the card, and the checkbox “Subscribed to the mailing list” is also installed:

To send an email to a group of contacts, you must:

1. Open the Bulk Mail application:

2. Click “Schedule a New Mailing”:

3. Indicate the name and date of the mailing:

4. Fill in the data and save the settings:

5. Go to the “Sending parameters” tab, activate the mailing list and set the sending parameters:

6. Go to the “Contact List” tab and add contacts for distribution, after which you will see a list with contacts for distribution:

7. Install the "Email templates" application:

8. In the "Bulk mailing" application, specify the text of the message that will be sent:

9. After that the distribution will be launched according to the specified settings: