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CRM for procurement

CRM for procurement is a software tool designed to help companies manage their interactions with suppliers and vendors. This can include tracking purchase orders and deliveries, managing supplier communications, and analyzing supplier data to improve business operations and increase efficiency. With a CRM system, procurement teams can streamline their operations and improve the supplier relationship, leading to cost savings and improved supplier performance.

CRM for procurement can provide a variety of features to help manage and improve interactions with suppliers and vendors. Some of these features include:

  • Purchase order tracking: CRM systems can be used to track purchase orders from start to finish, allowing companies to see where orders are in the procurement process and provide updates to suppliers.
  • Supplier data management: CRM systems can store and organize supplier data, such as contact information and performance history, making it easy to view and analyze supplier information.
  • Communication management: CRM systems can be used to manage supplier communications, such as sending automated email and SMS updates on order status, and providing supplier service through a helpdesk or chatbot.
  • Reporting and analytics: CRM systems can generate reports and provide analytics on supplier data, such as purchase history and delivery times, which can help companies identify patterns and trends in supplier behavior, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Contract management: The CRM system can help manage the contracts, terms and pricing with suppliers, and help in tracking the compliance of the suppliers.

By utilizing these features, procurement teams can improve the supplier relationships, increase efficiency and cost savings, and streamline their operations.

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1 cloud box
unlimited users
up to 3 hours of support
Monthly payment By data
Setup fee 0
1 cloud box
users according to your tariff
unlimited data
Up to 10 hours of setup and support
Monthly payment $30/user/month
Setup fee from $299
1 cloud box or box box
users according to your tariff
unlimited data
Up to 30 hours of setup and support
Monthly payment $30/user/month
Setup fee from $999
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