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Component «Client's personal account»

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How it works «Client's personal account» #

It allows to provide working space to the client, where the list of his orders will be gathered. The client will be able to track the main information and the status of his orders from the personal account, so as to contact his manager.

The information goes directly from the system to client's account - your employees fill out the info about the order in the admin section, get the questions from clients and give their response from the admin section, as well. All the information about the order, you configured to be displayed from the app settings, is available in the client's account.

Screenshots «Client's personal account» #

Available Platforms «Client's personal account» #

Application Client's personal account available on Android
Available on Android
Application Client's personal account available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Client's personal account available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Client's personal account available on my server
Available on my server
Application Client's personal account customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Client's personal account» forum #

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22.03.2023, 12:34
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02.03.2023, 10:39
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13.02.2023, 14:36
Improvements to the display of tables in the Products, List of processes, Table of process products of the client's personal account (OK) blocks
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09.02.2023, 14:45
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09.01.2023, 16:10
A comment is not recorded through the referral form
I fill out the referral registration form and the comment field is not recorded anywhere
1 answer
03.01.2023, 16:58
Not loading cducpnlllc.crm-onebox.com
OneBox OS System -- Not loading cducpnlllc.crm-onebox.com due to system not being used for more than 7 days, cloud version, free use 1 user.