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CRM for IT companies

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for managing customer relationships that is used in various industries, including IT companies. The CRM system allows storing and analyzing information about customers, improving service quality, increasing sales, and managing relationships with them. Using the CRM system, you can organize the work of the sales department, process customer requests and complaints, and take into account the preferences and needs of each customer individually. Overall, the CRM system is an indispensable tool for managing business and improving customer relationships in IT companies.

Main capabilities

  • Increasing sales: The CRM system allows analyzing customer data and using this information to improve marketing campaigns and increase sales.
  • Managing customer relationships: The CRM system helps improve customer relationships by allowing monitoring their needs and providing personalized service.
  • Organizing the sales department: The CRM system allows organizing the sales department by taking into account the interests of each customer, as well as monitoring sales progress and planning actions.
  • Storing customer information: contact information, history of relationships, preferences, etc. All this information is available to all company employees, which simplifies working with customers.
  • Tracking interactions with customers: calls, emails, meetings, etc. This allows understanding what interests the customer and what offers can be made to them.

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