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Component «Mobile app»

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How it works «Mobile app» #

It allows to enable and configure the interface of mobile version of your OneBox. You can set the following in the app settings:

  • which menu items to show in mobile version;
  • which filters for processes to render;
  • which processes to display in the list by default (only open or any);
  • block for dashboard display;
  • process display interface;
  • product card interface;
  • settings for the form of lead creation.

All settings configured in the app are valid for the mobile app only, so that you'll be able to create different appearance for the full-fledged work with the system from computer and for quick and convenient access to the data from the cellphone.

Screenshots «Mobile app» #

Available Platforms «Mobile app» #

Application Mobile app available on Android
Available on Android
Application Mobile app available on iOS
Available on iOS
Application Mobile app available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Mobile app available on my server
Available on my server
Application Mobile app customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Mobile app» forum #

7 replies
30.03.2023, thursday, 10:36
Scrolling works crookedly in the mobile version
Hello. In the mobile version, orders and products cannot be scrolled up. in order to raise up, you first need to lower it and without releasing you...
4 answer
31.01.2023, 20:22
The mobile application reports an invalid URL
When the address shieldtech.crm-onebox.com is entered into the mobile application, it does not come in now. Before the transition from the old syst...
5 replies
28.12.2022, 20:45
The application is not installed on Android
Hello. Previously, when hovering over the application, pressing install to phone, scanner, link - the button to add the application to the smartpho...
Process fields from the directory in the Mobile version are not filled
In the process, the fields that are filled in the desktop from the directory are not filled in the vob. versions Fields Currency 1 and Currency 2 ...
7 replies
11.08.2022, 00:23
No, I can't access the mobile version.
I'm trying to enter the application, the box https://crm.hlr.ua/, the url is not correct. Now available through the url https://crm.hlr.ua:5044...
1 answer
02.08.2022, 20:37
can't login with ios
I created an account on your site, downloaded the application on iOS, and when I log in on my phone at my address specified during registration, an...
5 replies
18.07.2022, 11:09
Login Error (MVP)
Login error (MVP) from an application installed on a mobile phone.
3 answer
16.06.2022, 10:23
Doesn't display information on contacts tab
On a computer, the tab displays as it should, but on mobile, no information is visible. And it is also impossible to edit the interface of the seco...
6 replies
06.06.2022, 16:17
Procedures in mobile version
Good day Possibly, here you can’t sip on a lashtuvan, or else a similar diet. How to display the procedures in the process (by clicking), how to op...
12 replies
06.06.2022, 13:32
How to install PWA on phone?
https://sairaauto.1b.app/desktop/ If you enter your login details, the page is simply updated. Similarly, like here: https://1b.app/ru/forum/onebox...