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Astelit Group

Astelit Group is a company with extensive experience in providing professional IT services for complex solutions to business problems. The highest quality of these services, as well as qualification support, enables our clients to constantly improve and expand, which, in turn, determines our successful image and business reputation as a reliable and promising partner. Now our company is more than 50 specialists, the authorized capital is over UAH 2 million, our own data center and much more. Our services for the complex solution of business problems: Data center data centers - design, implementation and further support of a unified data center network infrastructure. Information Security A wide range of specialized information security solutions. Multiservice systems - creation of multiservice (voice, video, data) geographically distributed infrastructure. Personal systems are a complex solution for the implementation of territorial services based on thin clients. Management accounting - a solution for the automation of management accounting provides increased efficiency, transparency and operational work. Integration and exchange - work on integrating systems and setting up data exchange between them. Mobile applications - development of mobile applications for business. Specific accounting - production accounting, quality control, production line downtime analysis. Tenders - special solutions for procurement and tenders. Navigation is the optimal logistics solution for keeping track of your transport logistics. Accounting for machine downtime at points. Synchronization with 1C accounting system. Our clients: Kiev Khleb, BKK, Latarta, Stolichny Mlin, KTL ... If you have similar requests, please dial for a free consultation.

Partner Contacts

  • OneBox Business Analyst
  • Distributor of Cloud OneBox
  • Integrator 1C
  • Telephony integrator
  • OneBox Customizer
  • OneBox Developer
  • Online store developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • OneBox System Integrator
  • OneBox Technical Support

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