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Create the suppliers, upload suppliers' price lists, and assign the rows from your price lists to your products automatically.

OneBox will instantly know the prices and terms for buying any of your product from the suppliers available.

You'll be able to configure any types of automation, creation of orders for suppliers, prices and stock recalculation after that.

You can also receive price lists from suppliers automatically, using integration apps, like Brain, ERC, OneBox Network.

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Available Platforms «Suppliers and price lists» #

Application Suppliers and price lists available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Suppliers and price lists available on my server
Available on my server
Application Suppliers and price lists customizable

Reviews and discussions component «Suppliers and price lists» forum #

1 answer
There is no product in the link list when loading a supplier's price list
-I load the supplier's price list with the search for goods by name. -2 products from the price list coincided with one product in the box. ...
1 answer
There is no recalculation of prices and availability after loading the price list of the supplier
In MVP, after loading the price list, prices and availability were immediately updated in the product card. There is no recalculation in OS. ...
1 answer
Filter in Product Linking
You can add the filter Related/Unrelated Products in the Linking Products section
6 replies
Price download history
Please display a button to go to the section Price download history on the main page in the Suppliers and Prices application. In MVP, this tab has ...
1 answer
When creating new products from linking, it gives an error
When we try to create unrelated products in large quantities, 150 items are created, and then it gives an error 500
1 answer
14.10.2022, 14:36
Doesn't find products in search when added to supplier order (After updates)
Does not find products in the search when added to an order with a supplier. Item number 162001. I wrote both the name and the article - nothing. T...
5 replies
28.09.2022, 09:25
Incorrect product availability
Hello. There are products that are not in the price list, but they are displayed in stock, although the supplier's tab says that they are out o...
1 answer
13.09.2022, 19:21
The price of the postal worker is not imported
Nalashtovana diya http://clepsydra.org.ua/admin/auto/action/day/edit/ "Universal import of the supplier's price list in YML format (Tradin...
2 answer
29.08.2022, 11:49
Removed vendor from system
The supplier disappeared from the system. There is an entry in the stories about creating/saving the supplier https://take.ms/U78e3. https://take.m...
20 replies
Good afternoon! How can I check if the automatic import of prices from ERC and Yug-Contract suppliers works?