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Warehouse barcoding application #

Warehouse barcoding is an application for quickly finding, moving and selling any goods. It is a cloud service that does not require additional hardware or software. Also, the program for inventory control from OneBox is available via iOS, Android.

Why use the Warehouse Barcoding app?

The barcode reader application is suitable for any commercial enterprise and provides:

  • the simplest and fastest warehouse management;
  • high speed and quality of processing of purchase orders;
  • accurate monitoring of the availability of products in the warehouse with saving information about each item (retail and purchase value, date of posting, quantity, supplier, etc.).

Any employee without special training and education can work with the Warehouse barcoding application. To read the barcode, simply use a scanner or enter the value manually.

Our warehouse management software is adapted to integrate a barcode scanner. It is enough to connect the USB-input of the device to your computer.

What tasks does the program solve?

Warehouse barcoding is suitable for a trading business, regardless of its scale, and solves the following tasks:

  1. Rapid monitoring of the state of the warehouse in order to optimize the work with inventory;
  2. Identification of goods: type and date of delivery, from whom, number of units, batch number, etc.
  3. Minimization of employee errors related to the acceptance, issue, placement of goods;
  4. Prompt receipt of analytical data on the state of the warehouse and product movements;
  5. Address storage of products and its quick search;
  6. Reducing commodity and financial risks.

With the Warehouse Barcoding application, your employees will be able to process customer requests and find the right products much faster, which will certainly have a positive impact on sales.

How it works «Warehouse barcoding» #

It allows to perform relocation and quick sale of products, based on the bar-codes entered. You can use internal and external bar-codes to enter.

For user convenience a bar-code can be entered either manually or with the help of bar-code scanner (you need to verify the scanner is connected first).

Screenshots «Warehouse barcoding» #

Available Platforms «Warehouse barcoding» #

Application Warehouse barcoding available in the Cloud
Available in the Cloud
Application Warehouse barcoding available on my server
Available on my server
Application Warehouse barcoding customizable

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